• Nootropics
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    Nootropics: The New MUST HAVE tool!

    If you’ve seen the film ‘Limitless’, you’ll know that Bradley Cooper stumbles upon a miracle pill codenamed “NZT-48”. Amazingly, this pill allows him to perform multiple tasks at the same time. He is able to [...]
  • Improve Your Memory The Easy Way
    Your Brain!

    Improve Your Memory The Easy Way

    It’s not that long ago when experts believe that optimal brain function was at its peak during the early adulthood years and it declined subsequently leading to mental fog and memory lapses in later years. [...]
  • Enhancing Your Mental Wellbeing
    Your Brain!

    Enhancing Your Mental Wellbeing

    Studies seem to suggest that there are five major steps you can take towards enhancing your overall sense of mental well-being. These steps are designed to help you become more positive and feel happier and [...]
In the Spotlight

The Muhammad Ali Legacy

by Jose Padilla in Special Feature 0

Without any shadow of doubt, Muhammad Ali is indeed the “The Greatest” in many people’s opinion, but despite that, the world will never truly know just how great he could have been. His recent death [...]

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  • Oh no! I lost my…?

    May 4, 2016 0
    Every second of the day, throughout the world, this phrase is shouted – followed-up with gut-wrenching nausea and anxiety. It’s actually one of the most overlooked problems we face. It’s just a normal part of [...]
  • ‘Military-Grade’ Smartphone May Cost $20k

    April 25, 2016 0
    A British-Israeli start-up firm has created a smartphone aimed at business executives with “military-grade security” and technology it says is two years ahead of the mass market. Sirin Labs says it has raised $72m to [...]
  • High-Tech Gloves Turn Sign Language Into Speech

    April 25, 2016 0
    The gloves could be worn by deaf people, making it quicker and easier for them to communicate verbally. Two university students have created a pair of gloves which turn sign language into spoken language. Navid [...]
  • Facebook hacker discovers traces of other intruder

    April 25, 2016 0
    A hacker looking for ways to breach Facebook’s internal network has uncovered traces of another hacker who got there first. The Taiwanese researcher found files left behind by the other intruder on a neglected Facebook [...]