Health & Wellbeing

Ways of Dealing with Back Pain

May 25, 2017 0

One of the most common health issues of this era is definitely back pain. More and more people are spending countless hours working from a sitting position, and this can have quite an effect on […]


Tips for Effective Carpet Cleaning

April 5, 2017 0

Accidents happen. When that accident happens on carpet the amount of work needed to clean it up can be considerable. Red wine stains on light carpet, coffee stains, muddy footprints can be difficult to get […]


Top Regions Of The World For Wine Lovers

April 5, 2017 0

Traveling around the world and spending days tasting wine may sound like a dream come true for many. Fortunately, wine tasting is slowly but surely becoming a form of vacation in its own right. Wine-related […]

Cover of Rude Boy book

Film treatment completed for Rude Boy USA

February 24, 2017 0

We recently spoke to Victoria Bolton about the successful Rude Boy USA book series and her plans. She tells us that screenwriter Doug Klozzner has already completed a movie treatment. “It is just as good […]

Health & Wellbeing

Shape of Your Nose – What Does It Say about You

February 17, 2017 0

Although the scientific basis is a bit sketchy, humans – with all of our faults and insecurities – still rely on looks to judge a person’s personality. Whether you are dealing with the pseudo-science of […]

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