3 Strategies to Help Combat in Your Admission Time


If you are stressing about how to write a grad school statement of purpose, you are not alone. Admission time is one of the most stressful times for many. Having to write a perfect SOP is no joke. You should not mentally block this out in your head though. Believe that you can do it and if you plan it properly, you will reach success.

In order for you to have your application approved you have to make yourself stand out from the masses. You need specific strategies on how to write graduate statement of purpose as well as the admission requirements. There is always professional writing help if all else fails. For now, let’s focus on some things we can do to ensure a successful admission time.

  1. Do not procrastinate

You will see this tip in many self-help guides and there is a reason for it. People tend to think they can master a SOP a day before applications close. All you are going to achieve is a half done, poorly writer work and probably have some requirements not met. If you want to be successful you have to set a few weeks aside. Yes, I said weeks. With all the research, writing, collecting documents and proofreading, you will definitely need a lot of time. Do not sell yourself short. After admission time you can go out with your friends and have some social time. For now, you need to focus on getting things done in good time. Applying for admission earlier rather than later is a strategy on its own.

  1. Focus on content

This is very important. You need to make sure the content in your application is at an excellent level. You cannot thumb suck anything here. Your content needs to be well researched, especially if you are stating the information as facts. You could have great scores and a lot of accomplishments, but misspell one word and there is trouble. The committee will not take you seriously if you have grammar errors, no matter how amazing the rest of your application is. Your content can make or break you so pay careful attention. This would be a heart-breaking reason to be denied into the program. Proofread your content and even consider hiring a professional proof-reader.

  1. Be yourself

You will win over the committee if you are yourself. If you are trying too hard to be someone else, they will pick up that it is not real. Once you are yourself, you can express yourself. Nothing is forced and you can write better. This makes a huge difference and should be one of your strategies. Failing to do so will result in an uncomfortable experience. Listen, if you get into this program, it should be because you are such an amazing individual. This will give you more confidence. Are you going to be able to pretend your way through grad school? Probably not.

If you stick to these strategies and give your all in this application, you can get into the program. Do not put it above you. You have worked hard to be accepted and surely you won’t let a misspelled word steal that away from you. Focus and time is the key ingredients.


Nadin Broun is an active guest post writer and a content manager at http://sopwriting.net/. She was the best student in the group and now she is fond of writing useful posts for student and sharing her personal experience with other. Nadin never give and tries to make this world better.