5 Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone

5 Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary hormone that males possess. That’s what makes you feel like a man, builds your muscle, gives you a lot of facial hair, gets your voice nice and deep. And that’s what’s going to help you get you that sex drive, get you that ambition, get you that energy as well.

So listen up for my top five tips to boost your testosterone naturally. The interesting thing about testosterone is that normal levels can range anywhere from 389 to 1196. It all depends on the individual. We’re all created differently, we’re not all cookie cutter. All right, guys? So you have to pay attention on how do you increase your testosterone to get maximal benefits out of your energy and out of your workouts.

Tip Number One: Increase Your Sleep

If you’re not sleeping enough you’re cutting yourself short. You have to understand when you’re sleeping your body’s pituitary gland produces growth hormone.

If you’re lacking sleep you’re not producing enough testosterone in addition to that. Studies have shown that it you’re sleeping at least 12 hours a day it’s going to help you with muscle growth and energy.

Obviously, we don’t have the time to sleep 12 hours a day unless you’re just multi-million dollar rich but even then why would you be sleeping? So I recommend doing anywhere from seven to eight hours a day.

Tip Number Two: Decrease your Body Fat

You have to understand that whenever your body fat increases your testosterone decreases.

So what we want to do is focus on a healthy regimen, healthy diet, as well as a consistent workout program to make sure we can keep your body composition, aka body fat, up to par.

Tip Number Three: Don’t Completely Avoid Cholesterol

Cholesterol is basically fat and any kind of cholesterol is found from fats from proteins. What is fat? Fat, in turn, is a lipid.

Lipid is 100% in control of testosterone production. I’m not saying go out and eat junk food. We don’t want to do that but what we want to do is increase your natural good fats in your diet.

What are some good fats you can follow, guys? You’ve got some red meats, some lean red meats … obviously, you don’t want to eat nothing but fatty meats … some seafood like lobster, shrimp, and take some supplements like fish oil, flax seed oil, as well as canola oil or coconut butter incorporated into your diet.

Those are great, efficient ways naturally to increase your testosterone without breaking the bank.

Tip Number Four: You want to add Multi-Joint Movements

What’s a multi-joint movement in your exercise?

That simply means you’re moving more than one joint at a time. Studies have shown that when you squat as opposed to light pressing your body’s natural testosterone increases quite a bit.

What I would recommend doing in your workout plan, guys, make sure do squatting, make sure you lunge.

Don’t be that guy in the gym or that female in the gym that just does not want to put in the work because I promise you when you build up your bigger muscle groups like your legs or your back your natural testosterone will go up significant.

So if you’re that guy that looks flat as a board from the side but you’ve got a big chest and wide chest from the front I would highly recommend doing some different exercises to incorporate that to increase your gains.

Tip Number Five: You Want to Limit your Alcohol Intake Guys

Happy hour can wreak havoc on your muscle gains.

A Dutch study showed that men who drink alcohol consistently for three weeks in a row dropped their testosterone by 7%. What you do is try to limit your alcohol consumption from one to two glasses a day maximal.

Here’s some tricks you can do. For example, a lot of individuals don’t know this, if you get diet tonic water it’s actually got an ingredient called quinine and that ingredient is actually great for muscle cramps and that’s going to help you recover.

What you can do if you just absolutely love to drink and have a good time … hey, we’re all human right, guys? We like to party … Have some alcohol but at the same token get diet tonic water, diet cranberry juice, vodka and water.

Stick with your clears as opposed to your darks and try to minimize beer as much as possible.

There you have it, guys, my top five tips to increase your testosterone naturally. Remember, just a recap.

  • Number one, get your sleep.
  • Number two, lose the excess amount of body fat.
  • Number three, don’t completely avoid cholesterol. We want to incorporate those good, healthy fats in there. Just a reminder, again, healthy fats are high in Omega-3. Omega-3 acids are great for inflammation as well as helping your body recover and as well as increasing joint lubrication.
  • Number four, add multi-joint movements. Don’t stick with just one single movement exercises in the gym. Get creative with your workouts. Have fun.
  • Number five, limit your alcohol intake, guys. I know it’s very difficult, we all like to have a good time but remember limit your alcohol to one or two glasses a day and also if you do decide to drink stick with your diet sodas, diet cranberry juice, stick with your waters and your clears.

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