The Appalachians: Band Moves Mountains and Fans

The Appalachians: Band Moves Mountains and Fans

courtesy of Adam Plew

The Appalachians trio: Adam Plew, Ryan Claxton and Adam Sutkiewicz

88.9 Radio Milwaukee says The Appalachians are “easily the most original outfit coming out of Milwaukee right now.” Anyone who saw the band perform on April 20 at Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee would agree.

Full of musical skills and an innovative sound, The Appalachians deliver something different and unexpected. Whether you’re a current fan of this new band or have virgin ears to their music, it’s easy to appreciate what this talented trio has to offer.

I wanted to find out more about this enticing band that is currently moving mountains (as well as fans) on their way to stardom. Bass player and vocalist, Adam Plew, answered questions to reveal who The Appalachians are and where they are going.

Sara Plew: Who makes up the members of the band?

Adam Plew: The members include Adam Plew (Bass/Backing Vocals), Ryan Claxton (Drums) and Adam Sutkiewicz (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). Adam Plew and Adam Sutkiewicz are from the Milwaukee area and Ryan Claxton is from the Fond du Lac area.

SP: What is the style or genre of your music?

AP: Our genre and style is a musical combination of alternative/indie/garage rock. We strive to create music that is just “our own.”

SP: Do you sound like another (or a combination of) popular bands/artists?

AP: We like to say we just sound like The Appalachians and no one else. However, we have been told that we have a sound that resembles bands like The Lemonheads and The Silversun Pickups

SP: Do you always write/create your own music or do you ever play cover songs?

AP: We play a cover here or there at our live shows, but our shows consist heavily of our original material. Our original material is the outlet in which we take advantage of since we can really push our creativity and overall musical ability. Playing a cover in our set is a good idea too since it can catch the attention of an audience member and keep them engaged and interested in our original material.

SP: Who writes the music/words of your songs?

AP: The words and lyrics for our songs are written by lead singer/guitarist Adam Sutkiewicz. The music comes from us all. Each of us contributes ideas and we all build upon those ideas. For example, one of us will introduce an idea we are proud of and, before you know it, the three of us compose it into a song that we can all say we are proud of.

SP: Are there any bands/artist that inspire or motivate you?

AP: Bands that motivate us, as a whole, include such influences as the Foo Fighters, The Beatles and so many more. Each of us has unique and individual influences and when the influences are incorporated by all of us, it brings more creativity to our overall sound.

SP: What venues do you typically play at and how often do you perform?

AP: We play most often in the Milwaukee area at venues such as The Up and Under Pub, G-Daddy’s BBC, Fire on Water, Frank’s PowerPlant and others. We also played Summerfest last year and hope to play there again this summer. In the Madison area, we played at a great venue called The Frequency. We like to perform one to two shows a month, but this summer, we are aiming to record an album, so our live show dates will not be as frequent.

SP: What can viewers expect from being at one of your shows?

AP: They can expect a high-energy set from us and expect to have a great time. We love to play our music and get it out there to every one, so we push ourselves to perform at a high level. We are there to perform passionately. Since music is our passion, we want the audience and our fans to clearly recognize that.

SP: What are your future recording plans?

AP: This summer, our plans are to record our first full-length, trio format album at DNA Music Labs in Madison. We are excited about it and very much looking forward to.

SP: What upcoming venues/dates are you particularly excited about, and why?

AP: We are looking forward to playing our next show on August 24, which will be on the Vista-King boat on the Milwaukee River. This is a concert cruise and those interested in attending can purchase tickets through the Milwaukee Boat-Line website: It will be a great time and experience!

SP: Is there anything else that you would like to share or anything you would like future fans to know about your band?

AP: We love music and we want to spread our love of it. For those people who want to hear a talented local band who are nothing but genuine, please check out The Appalachians for yourself. This summer, we will work hard to dedicate ourselves to record this new album. With it, will come more opportunities to see us at various venues.

SP: How can people listen/find out more about you or request for a potential showing?

AP: Our contact email is To listen and find out more about who we are and when our live shows are, please access our Facebook page or our website:

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