Best Ways to Lose Weight

Best Ways to Lose Weight

The main problem women have when it comes to losing weight is the amount of time it takes. All too often, people get too impatient when they set themselves weight loss goals, and in this relentless pursuit towards weight loss, a large number of people simply give up because results take too long.

From personal experience, it’s always better to implement a long-term plan when it comes to weight loss and by sticking to your plan, you will eventually see the pounds fall of in a steady fashion.

Nevertheless, there are a number of steps you can take to help you along your weight loss journey, and in this article I will highlight to use some of the best ways of doing so.

Drink Plenty of Green Tea

According to a recent study, green tea provides incredible metabolic effects because it was found that individuals who drink green tea managed to burn an extra 70 cal every day. And this equates to 7.3 lbs. of fat annually. I’m not saying this is magic, it simply science and this is what the researchers believe.

Diet Pills

Although there are plenty of dodgy diet pills/weight loss pills out there, there are still a handful of quality products out there. By using a quality diet pill, you will be able to manage your hunger cravings better because many of them are powerful appetite suppressants, as well as effective fat burners. When choosing your diet pill, try to read up on the ingredients to see what works and what doesn’t. There are plenty of quality websites that will break down ingredients for you allowing you to make a concise decision instead of throwing your money.

Avoid Liquid Calories

Did you know that the human body does not acknowledge liquid calories as it does solid calories? It’s true, drinking high caloric beverages such as a mock for example will not help you to feel full and satisfied as eating a Nandos for instance. This essentially means that any high calorie drink you consume is providing you tons of calories whilst keeping you hungry, which ultimately means that you will have to end up eating something to satisfy their hunger cravings.

Start Strength Training

Not only does strength training help to build lean muscle tissue, it is also an excellent way of burning away does calories, and this burn continues well after you actually worked out. Remember the basic rule of thumb is the more muscle you have, the quicker you are likely to slim down. This is where strength training comes into play. I recommend lunges, squats and push-ups as the starter, before you move onto curling your biceps and pushing down on your triceps. By simply doing this up to 4 times a week will see massive transformations in your physique.

Cut out the Salt

Did you know that your salt intake will contribute to you retaining water? It’s true; sodium is a major contributor to water retention. By cutting down on your salt intake, and by this I mean cutting out certain kind foods such as soups and vegetables and drinks, I recommend going for the fresh stuff.

Eat Spicy Food

According to a recent Canadian study, simply by eating hot peppers, a person’s metabolism increases due to the capsaicin content, which can also be found in cayenne peppers, and jalapenos. These foods are also suspected of increasing certain stress hormones such as adrenaline that are also contributors to supercharging the metabolism, and helping the body to burn extra calories. Hot peppers are also acknowledged to be effective appetite-suppressants, which means they are great for curbing hunger cravings.


Simple things like sleep deprivation can cause the body to store fat because you are more likely to be susceptible to eating your little “munchies” when no one is watching! Studies have revealed that a four hours sleep can really put the brakes on the metabolism, especially when compared to people who enjoy an eight hour snooze.


Walking is probably one of the most underrated exercises out there. Walking can be especially beneficial when done in the evening because that’s the point where most people’s metabolism is tend to slow down. I recommend doing a brisk 30 minutes walk before eating your final meal of the day, because this will keep your metabolism high for at least four hours after you eat. So this basically means the calories you consume from your meal will be quickly used up instead of storing around your ass!

Never Skip a Meal

Make sure that you never skip a meal. By skipping a meal your body is made to believe that it is short on food supply, and probably won’t eat for the foreseeable future, and this causes it to slow the metabolism down so it can preserve what energy it has. This will ultimately mean that every time you eat, your body will digestive food much slower, and cause it to store unwanted body fat.

A Little Exercise Every Day

if you happen to be dieting, chances are that you will already be working out may be a couple times a week? You don’t have to kill use of doing this, even the tills changes such as taking the stairs instead of jumping in the elevator, or walking to work, all the shops instead of driving can make a huge difference to your daily calorie consumption.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is recommended that you drink 64 ounces of water every day, and this will go a long way towards helping you to lose weight. Your body needs water to help it to metabolize body fat.


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