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We are always looking out for new and interesting content for this site. If you feel that you have an idea that our readers will find interesting/challenging, we would certainly love to hear from you.

Your idea doesn’t necessarily have to be a “game changer” as such; a new perspective on a particular topic will suffice.

In all honesty, writing for Alverno Alpha is certainly no cakewalk, because it will take some effort. We want all our writers to be on top of their writing game, and our editorial staff will push you to get there.

The moment your article is accepted, our moderation staff will provide you with a no holds barred honest feedback.

Look at it this way, literally thousands of readers will see your work, and you will find the whole process a very valuable learning process. Communicating your ideas is a skillset in itself, and to articulate what’s in your brain into writing format can be a very rewarding experience.

What Alpha Alverno Is Looking For

Feel free to submit a draft version of your idea, along with an explanation as to why what you have to say may be important to our readers. The more comprehensive this is the better feedback you will get from us.

Remember: We only publish original content, and we certainly won’t accept anything that has been published in other places and this includes your own blog.

Please be wary that we will not accept any type of sales patter, or product promotion in this segment.

Before You Submit

Before you are she submit anything to Alverno Alpha, take a quick look at our existing articles to give you an idea of what kind of structure and format we prefer.

Furthermore, please ensure that your submission includes the following:

  1. Thesis: providing a clear argument for or against, whilst avoiding simple lists of hints and tips on doing something for instance.
  2. A Human Voice: make your article interesting and daring.
  3. Written with Our Audience in Mind: Alverno Alpha is a resource website catering towards mature students. Think about the things they might find interesting, useful, educational, and informative.
  4. Citations & Referencing: ensure your work is cited and referenced. Savvy Readers are not interested in simply strong opinions and arguments; they want information that can be referenced.
  5. Internal Linking: provide 2 internal links within your article, i.e. linking to our existing content.

Type of Article


Featured Articles (Homepage) $100
Press Releases $POA

Regardless of the type of article you want to submit, please ensure that your content is well researched, cited, and written for an academic audience in mind.

What You Get In Return


You get 2 “follow” backlinks from an authoritative PR4 site. This basically means your work will be shown in Google News, usually the following day.

Not only does this mean massive spikes in fresh traffic, it also means a powerful blog linking back to your site, which will help your rankings.

How to Submit

Send your article to us in a word doc to

What Happens Next

  1. One of Alverno Alpha’s senior editors will read through your submission and let you know whether the article is fit for publication on our site or not. If the article gets the “thumbs up”, the editor will jointly review the piece with his team to see if anything might need changing.
  2. If there is a cost involved, we will request payment.
  3. The results of this review will be relayed back to you.
  4. If amendments are required, it is your responsibility to implement these. Once they have been made, you will need to send the revised article back to us.
  5. Once the article ticks all the boxes, we’ll notify you on the intended publication date.