Donald Trump: Buffoon or Political Genius?

Donald Trump

The latest tirade from Donald Trump: “Islam hates us”, as he explains to CNN’s Anderson Cooper without making distinction from the religious fanatics, (whom exist in all faiths I might add), and the vast majority of peaceful, law abiding Muslims here in the United States.

Trump says there is “tremendous hatred” that is “defined by the religion”. According to Trump, Islam encourages hatred for America, and in all this confusion, it’s difficult to distinguish radical Islam from mainstream Islam because “you don’t know who’s who”, as he put it so eloquently.

With such outspoken views on one faith in particular, Trump, according to him still has some “Muslim friends”, and they are more than happy to discuss the issue of “Islamic fundamentalism” with him, whilst disagreeing with his proposed ban of muslim immigration to the United States.

According to the property tycoon, his Muslim buddies are proud of his outspoken views on “radicalism”.

Inherent Beliefs or Political Opportunism?

Trump seems to be riding high in the polls (458), he’s ahead of Cruz (359), Rubio (151) and Kasich (54), he seems to be resonating with voter sentiments. Although his statements can be controversial at times, and sometimes bordering absurd, like a proposed erection of a “border wall” along the Mexican border, his views appear to be shared by a significant proportion of the electorate.

So are his view strategically thought out, or is Trump simply being Trump?

To be honest, Trump’s anti-muslim immigration views only came to surface once he entered the race for the Whitehouse. Before that, Trump had apparently enjoyed cordial relationships with “Muslims”.

But these relationships maybe dependent on what Trump can get in return, according to The Daily Beast. Dean Obeidallah, a leading columnist for the publication seems to think “Trump only loves Muslims who give him money”. And there may be some truth in that because Trump’s “muslim friends” seem to be EXTREMELY rich individuals like Hussain Sajwani, head of DAMAC Properties based in Dubai.

Saudi prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, co-owner of News Corp (Murdoch news) is another former associate/”muslim friend” of Trump who recently disowned the potential future president of the United States due to his extreme views, on Muslim immigration in particular.

According to the prince, he’s bailed Trump out on at least two occasions, which Trump vehemently denies. According to Trump, he’s never met the prince, never liked him, and doesn’t know him!”

And let’s not forget his fracas with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, where he seemed to imply that she was menstruating on live television, much to the shock of feminists the world over. According to The Wrap, that program ended up making ratings history.

I personally don’t think Trump’s recent statements are choreographed or scripted, because he seems to be saying exactly what’s on his mind and the electorate seems to be picking up on this fact.

Therefore, he is neither a buffoon, nor is he a political genius, far from it.

Going by what the polls are telling us, you never know, Trump may end up becoming the accidental 45th president of the United States.

Only time will tell.

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