Enhancing Your Mental Wellbeing

Enhancing Your Mental Wellbeing

Studies seem to suggest that there are five major steps you can take towards enhancing your overall sense of mental well-being. These steps are designed to help you become more positive and feel happier and ultimately, get the most out of life.

A person’s mental well-being is just as important as his or her physical well-being. Common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression are on the rise, and it’s important that you get a grip on things sooner rather than later by seeking treatment.

Before moving on, it’s important to understand exactly what mental well-being is. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves and their environment, and they want to achieve as much as they can in life.

Studies seem to also suggest that good mental health is vital for good overall physical health, and the two combined are ideal tools for a successful and fulfilled life.

Definition of Mental Well-Being

According to experts, mental health and well-being involves a lot more than just being happy. Holistically looking at it, overall well-being means physical and mental well-being. You can’t really separate the two because they are closely linked.

Although feeling happy about yourself is a big part of mental well-being, this is only the tip of the iceberg because the real deep sense of well-being involves living well for yourself and those around you.

When a person feels contented, confident, and can easily engage with the world around him is a good sign of healthy well-being.

Although mental well-being does not necessarily mean that you will never feel bad or find yourself in difficult situations, it simply means that you will be able to better cope with difficult situations.

Mental well-being can manifest itself in a number of forms:

Sociological Mental wellbeing

The developed world seems to have got richer over the last 50 years, and research seems to suggest that mental well-being has not necessarily improved relatively to the growth in wealth.

People often think that mental well-being can be enhanced by having more possessions, more wealth, or going away on holidays every year, but any happiness achieved by doing any of these tends to be temporary.

Experts believe that it is time to re-evaluate the definition of well-being.

Evidential Well-Being

Advancements in science and research in the last 20 years seem to point to practical steps that can be taken to implement long-term enhancements in mental well-being. Observational studies looking at the well-being and behavioral patterns of certain sections in society found that by obliging individuals to change their behavior and participate in interventions and treatments including exercise programs worked wonders.

Life-Style Mental wellbeing

A number of factors determine a person’s well-being. Research indicates that certain actions a person takes, as well as the way a person thinks have a huge impact.

Well-being should be something you actually do, rather than something that is a part of you. It works a bit like this, the more you put in, the more you are likely to benefit.

The best way to evaluate the things that make you take could be thinking about what you’ve done in the past that made you feel good. Once you have identified the things that make you feel good, it’s time to do them again!

The bottom line is that nobody can give you “well-being”, you have to get it yourself.

Smalls Steps Towards Mental wellbeing…

Studies seem to suggest that there are five basic steps a person can take to enhance his or her sense of mental well-being.

Provided that you undertake the steps minus any cynicism, you may be surprised at the results.

Stay Active

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to stay active. A simple walk, a game of soccer, and even cycling are sufficient. Try to discover which activities you enjoy the most, and implement them in your lifestyle.

Connect with Others

By simply connecting with the people around you can skyrocket the sense of mental well-being. Make some time in developing your personal relationships.


Learning new skills is a great way of increasing your confidence because sense of achievement can grow.

You don’t necessarily have to enroll onto a law degree to learn something new. Try something simple to start off with such as a cooking course, or even learn how to play a new instrument.

Stay Mindful

Being aware of your present surroundings by keeping in touch with your feelings and thoughts can have major positive changes on how you feel about yourself, your life, and how you deal with things.


Small acts of giving are important such as a simple smile or paying a compliment. Volunteering, joining social clubs, and building social networks can work wonders for self-esteem.

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