Everything You Wanted to Know About PRK vs LASIK and were Afraid to Ask


Have you been pondering about having eye surgery? Struggling to decide between PRK or LASIK? Well many young people have their apprehension before taking such a step and usually get confused in the PRK vs LASIK debate. The task may be daunting as the effects are permanent but there is nothing to fear as both eye correction surgeries are guaranteed to succeed if past patients are anything to go by.

Only 5% of laser eye surgery patients opt for PRK whereas 96% people opt for LASIK which is the most popular choice amongst patients around the age of 35.98% of LASIK patients remained satisfied even 6 months after surgery.

The main difference is how your surgeons deal with the corneal surface.

In PRK, the eye surgeon removes the outer layer of cornea and performs vision correction surgery directly on the corneal surface. The exposed area is then allowed to reshape through cell regeneration. This is a better choice for people with thin corneas or dry eyes.

In LASIK surgery, an incision is made in the cornea to create a flap of tissue. This flap is then lifted and computer-controlled surgical laser is used to reshape inner layers of cornea to repair curvature imperfections causing cornea. Corneal flap is then put back in place which heals over the reshaped part of the cornea.

The infographic is written in a very easy-to-understand format which is bound to help you understand both surgeries better. Any patient who is a good candidate for LASIK can opt for PRK but vice versa does not hold true.

Our infographic is sure to calm your anxiety and put all your doubts to rest as it contains all the points you should know in clear cut, concise detail. Going through this infographic is sure to put all your doubts to rest.

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