“Guy Problems” Can Ruin Motivation

Guy Problems Can Ruin Motivation

Sorry ladies, but this article is dedicated to male-related health problems! I will publish a female version of this page very soon, I promise!

Here goes…

The primary male hormone inside the human body is testosterone. During pubescent years, testosterone helps to develop the penis and the testes, as well as assisting in the growth of facial hair, and the deepening of the voice. The important role that testosterone plays in the early years continues well throughout the teens. After all, it is testosterone that controls the libido, the mood, and when this hormone decreases, it can bring with it a whole array of mental and physical problems.

I will discuss the symptoms in due course in this article, and if you feel that you are displaying any of these, it is advisable to ask your doctor to perform a blood test to see where your testosterone levels are. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available to help counter these issues and ultimately get your hormone levels back to where they were.

Let’s begin with the main signs of low testosterone….

Massive Drop in Libido

The first thing to be effected by low testosterone is a massive drop in your libido. The usual pattern is the more your testosterone drops, the more your sexual prowess also goes down. Although a drop in libido may not affect your studies directly, but a depressing time from the night before can certainly affect your mood when you‘re studying.

You Will Get Hit By Depression!

Many studies have indicated that men suffering from low testosterone are 4 times more likely to suffer from depression. This is certainly something that can affect your student life. Depression will increase your chances of ditching your studies altogether, never mind performing badly in exams.

Energy Zap!

No, we’re not talking about a scene from the old batman movies. Low testosterone has a direct correlation to low energy levels. Therefore, if you suddenly notice that you are struggling with everyday menial tasks because you just can’t find the energy to do them, chances are you may be suffering from low testosterone. The lack of energy can have devastating consequences for any student, regardless of how brainy you think you may be.

Lose Height

I don’t mean that you will suddenly become a hobbit, but testosterone does play a direct role with bone density and strength. So it’s not unusual to start suspecting a decrease in height when suffering from low testosterone. What relevance does this have to student life? Your confidence could be severely affected to start with. Once the confidence goes, things can sometimes start falling apart and this also applies to your studies. There is nothing worse than walking into the examination hall suffering from low confidence. Chances are your results will hurt.

Less Strength

Any bodybuilder will tell you that testosterone and muscle mass are intrinsically linked. So if you notice that your muscle mass and endurance seem to be on their way down despite training like you’ve always done, low testosterone could be creeping on.

Although you don’t require your muscles per say to become successful at your studies, you need to remember that your brain is also a muscle, and will no doubt be affected by muscle depletion resulting from low testosterone.

Softer Erections

I bet most you guys out there will have used the term “I had a semi” at some point in your lives. Semi basically alludes to a semi erection. I think you get the picture! Getting a “semi” every now and then is a perfectly normal sign of good male health. But the moment your “semis” start to dictate your sex life, and you notice that your erections aren’t as sturdy as they once were could also be a sign of low testosterone. How does this affect student life? Well your confidence could be shattered for one! Secondly, and unfulfilling sex life can sometimes show in other areas such as your performance at work or in exams.

Less “Load”

Low testosterone can usually lead to lesser ejaculatory volume. In order for you to fully enjoy your sex life, ejaculating a sufficient quantity of your “load” is part of the fun. But the moment you start ejaculating tiny droplets could sometimes indicate low testosterone.

Other Health Issues

Testosterone levels can be devastated by other underlying health conditions such as type II diabetes, obesity, and thyroid complications. If you suffer from any of the above, chances are you may be suffering from low testosterone.

Testicles That Look Like Raisins!

Low testosterone can cause the testicles to shrink and shrivel. Some men even experience numbness in their testicles. Testosterone is created in the testes and when they become less active, like any muscle, they can shrink!

Here are the main low testosterone symptoms that most men suffering from low testosterone display. If you are displaying any of the above, I strongly urge you to go and see your doctor sooner rather than later.

So What Are The Solutions?

Your doctor will be more than happy to prescribe you with any number of the widely available testosterone replacement therapy (aka TRT, aka hormone replacement therapy, aka HRT). The problem with these options is….although your testosterone levels will undoubtly skyrocket, the potential side effects are something that resonate something out of a horror movie.

These treatments involve administering synthetic (testosterone created in a laboratory) versions of testosterone into the body.

Some of the side effects include man-boobs, acne, shrunken testicles (ironically), mood swings and addiction to the treatment itself. Some people would argue that TRT provides more negatives than positives.

Your doctor should make any side effects crystal clear before you (if you choose to undergo TRT) embark on a course of hormone therapy.

The side effects wouldn’t bode well with student life, I can tell you from personal experience!

Are There Any Other Options?

I tried TRT around 6 years ago and almost soon after quit the treatment because I began feeling tenderness and soreness in my breasts (don’t forget I’m a man, and we don’t usually get pregnant!). I knew from the outset that this might be one of the side effects I should be looking out for.

I began looking for alternatives and came across natural testosterone boosters. After a bit of research, I realized that natural testosterone boosters are a completely different breed of animal to the hormone therapies on offer. These supplements contain natural ingredients that are specially formulated to help the body to restart its normal testosterone production machinery so it can start producing more of the hormone on its own.

Best of all, there’s not many side effects compared to the medically offered treatments.

I began using a brand called (trying my best to avoid a brand “plug” here) Testofuel. I found this product to be very effective. Many of the low testosterone symptoms started disappearing overtime, and after 9 months into it, I am starting to feel on top of my game.

To Conclude…

If you are a mature student, it’s vital that your endocrine system is working like clockwork. Unfortunatly, this is a part of everyday life that we need to deal with. This is not something our “younger” counterparts have to even think about.

I wish you all the best in your studies!

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