iOS App Development – A complete Guide to The Essentials!


With iPhone continuing to dominate mobile market and iPad ruling the sales market space, people’s interest in the development of these two fastest growing platforms keeps rising. For a beginner who likes to build his or her career in IOS development, few thiiOngs need to be learned from scratch for iOS development:

Prerequisite for learning IOS development

A Mac System is essential: It is the essential product required to start iOS app development. Without a mac system, you won’t be able to run your application for testing.

Get An iPad, iPhone, Or iPod Touch:  Though there are alternative simulators available in the market, to get a first-hand experience with IOS development, you should get an iPad or iPhone.

Objective-C Won’t Be Enough – While Objective-C supports various modern programming elements, but it will not solve the purpose of learning the essential elements of ios app development.

Sign Up Early For Your Developer Account: This is critical, to get your developer account approved. So, one should apply as soon as possible because it will take around two weeks to get your developer account approved. It makes sense because it will allow you to upload your app once you have an approved iOS account.

iOS Development Training

There are various institutes which offer iOS app development course.

Different Types of Developer Accounts: There are three types of IOS developers consider individual, organization, and enterprise. The primary difference between individual and group is that personal accounts are single purpose accounts for individual users and freelancers while in the case of organization accounts, it will allow you to create multiple users within the account which can be given unique access it. Enterprise apps have different functionality and are used for internal purpose.

Once you are set up with all the above requirements, you can search for best ios training institute in Delhi so that you can learn the IOS skills you will have to require. Other than these skills, you need to have sound knowledge of OOPs principles, understanding of source control usage and some other language like swift.

  • The user interface consists of images, text views, fonts, and different type of buttons.
  • Auto Layout will allow you to create screen size for various devices and dimensions.
  • A good iOS app should have multiple navigation types with controllers of the tab bar, page view navigation and all a combined use of them.
  • User inputs from the text views with touch have to be accepted.
  • Your app should allow smooth scrolling and give perfect Scroll view without hiding any essential data or screen.
  • Different positions like Table View page and web page view which displays data list and web pages respectively.
  • A good user interface is the lifeline of any IOS app. Hence any IOS developer must have knowledge about creating good User Interface with proper navigation and call to actions. The list of controls that are at your disposal and when you would think it as right in being used.
  • Knowledge of using the debugger in x-code for tracking down issues and how to resolve these problems swiftly.
  • Knowledge about complete app development life-cycle including the terminology and notification, so that IOS developer knows what to do with them.
  • In-depth knowledge about the concept of delegation. One must understand how delegate API’s work and also knows how to create his API. The developer also knows how to make use of these API’s.


Knowing these skills and the requirements like Mac and developer account will help any aspirant to start their career as an entry-level IOS Developer.  All these things will help you to initiate a quick learning process that helps you to begin the learning process about the fundamentals of frameworks and other terminology which will assist in getting familiar with the basics.