How I lost weight successfully through the 3-day military diet plan – Be inspired!

Diet Plan

Are you someone who is pretty overweight and you’re looking for a successful way-out to lose weight fast? Do you have an event in the following week where you want to fit in to you favorite LBD that lies back in your wardrobe? If answered yes, you are surely going to feel inspired when you get to know how I lost weight by following the 3-day military diet.

What is Military diet plan and how does it work?

From the research that I did before starting, I deduced that the Military Diet plan lets you take an average of 1000 calorie a day diet where you have to eat few specific foods for 3 consecutive days. The makers of military diet plan claim that the food combinations are such that they chemically break with each other to help burn fat and stimulate weight loss. And guess what, I was also allowed to take ice-creams! By now you must be wondering whether it worked for me.

I weighed myself for consecutively 3 days when I was already on die and then again on the 4th day when I was back to normal routine. Read on to know about my diet.


Day 1 wasn’t bad as breakfast was indeed delicious apart from the black coffee that was given to me. You aren’t allowed to add any sugar, milk or calorie sweetener to the coffee. Lunch was more in the form of a snack and hence I felt fine with it. When I had the tuna, I made sure I added a pinch of salt and pepper to avoid the canned taste and dinner was undoubtedly the best part since I got some vanilla ice cream. Initially I felt a bit hungry but then I adjusted myself to this diet.


Day 2 wasn’t bad either with the same kind of breakfast as Day 1. On Day 2, I combined exercise, gym along with the foods that I ate. Although I started craving for my favorite food and waited eagerly for Day 4, yet I controlled myself. Lunch was gross enough and dinner was awesome again due to the ice cream. I felt like I was going through this 3-day diet plan due to this dinner!


Day 3 was actually not good as portions were small and food was also bad. Breakfast was okay due to cheddar cheese but lunch was miserable. I started feeling weak during lunch and hence I began to hydrate myself with water, green tea and 2 sugar-free gum. I gave the tuna a bit of taste by seasoning it with pepper and salt and added drops of lemon juice in it. Dinner was satisfying with that vanilla ice cream.

The result of this diet was that I lost 5 pounds in 3 days but my sister successfully lost 10 lbs after this diet. The amount you lose depends on your body, metabolism rate and the kind of diet you followed before these 3 days. For more information you can check reviews the 3 day military diet.