Nutrition Tips for Improving Health


Do you want to improve your health? Then, I want to share vital knowledge and information with you that will enable you to live and enjoy good health, as the saying goes ‘information is power’. Proper nutrition is the key and basis for achieving and maintaining an improved health condition.


There is the need to ensure that you enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, including eating gluten free. A balanced diet is one that is rich in all the nutritional constituents necessary to boost and enhance your body’s overall activities and wellbeing. Your meals must contain vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and water in their right proportion. You must avoid meals regarded as junk foods that could expose you to various health conditions like cancer and diabetes. The bad news about these junk meals is that most of them contain bad fats or saturated fats, and the nutritional contents are low. Nutritional imbalances in our diet could lead to various health conditions like kwashiorkor, heart diseases, diabetes, and much more.

You need to add to your meals clean fruits and vegetables because they contain essential nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs for proper metabolism. The high fiber content is necessary for the bowel movement. Do not forget to eat fish like salmon and tuna loaded with omega 3 oils essential for proper brain performance and other seafood that will help you to maintain good health. You can also supplement the nutritional needs of your health with nootropic supplements.

Physical health

If you desire to have and maintain your physical health, you need to eat good and balanced diets. Engaging in regular exercises and physical activities will utilise the foods you are consuming in metabolic processes. Remember, no food, no metabolism. Your body uses the foods you eat during the process of metabolism to provide the nutritional needs of the body. Thereby, giving you energy, good health, and you will be able to live longer.

Simple workouts like walking, running, jogging, and even dancing could also help to maintain your physical health. Moreover, engaging in domestic activities such as sweeping and cleaning the home are good forms of physical activities you need to ensure you keep fit and healthy.

Nootropic supplements

The word ‘nootropic’ simply means the process of improving the mind, learning capacity, and memory functions using some substances. Therefore, nootropic supplements are substances that can enhance your cognitive capabilities and functions, enhance your brainpower and memory abilities, and increase your concentration and focus.

Do you know that some of the foods and fruits we eat are natural sources of nootropics? These foods contain some elements like those in vitamin B, iron, and others regarded as phytochemicals also found in fruits, which help to boost and enhance your brainpower.

Some of the nootropic supplements you need to enhance the potentials of your brain and maximise functionality are sulbutiamine, adrafinil, pramiracetam, modafinil, noopept, and others. Let us look at some of the benefits of using these supplements:


This supplement known as Sulbutiamine is a synthetic of thiamine that was originally made in Japan. It is regarded as the most effective brain booster pack and has the potential to increase the functionality of your mind, enhance your mood, focus, concentration, and above all, it boosts the capacity of your memory to retain and recollect information easily. When you take sulbutiamine, it will give you a feeling of good health, increased energy, and motivation. Moreover, it is for the complete enhancement and improvement of your brainpower.


Doctors and nurses use adrafinil to boost their cognitive capabilities and enhance their memories during essential operations and major routines in the hospitals. It is also regarded as a wakefulness nootropic given to patients suffering from health conditions like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and other sleeping disorders. If you take Adrafinil, you will experience enhanced reasoning and thinking potentials, and prolonged concentration and attention span. Another essential supplement you can use if you are unable to get adrafinil is modafinil, which is similar in function and usefulness.


Pramiracetam is a derivative of piracetam, which improves your learning capacities, boosts brain energy, increases attention span, memory, concentration, and focus. It functions by activating the neurones in your brain and binding them to the acetylcholine receptors, thereby inhibiting their numbing and deadening effects on your cells.


This nootropic enhances the performance and effectiveness of your brain giving you similar effects as if you are using adrafinil. However, you need to consult your doctor before taking it. It increases your consciousness and awareness level making it an essential supplement for professionals that are performing essential tasks and functions. This supplement is useful for the treatment of sleeping conditions like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and other ailments.


Noopept increases the actions of the neurotransmitters like serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, and glutamate. It also activates the receptor sites like the AMPA, NDMA, and Nicotinic in your brain giving you improved reflex activities and sensory perceptions, lowering anxiety, enhancing learning potentials, and making you feel better.


Have you ever used TruBrain supplements? These are nootropics prepared to boost cognitive precision and concentration. Some neuroscientists using a group of substances such as magnesium and theanine develop these supplements. Some of the popular products made from trubrain are ‘Think drinks and The original.’

However, trubrain is a company founded by some neuroscientists in 2012. They are based in California and have all their products manufactured there. Trubrain offers you a unique nootropic experience with classical products like drinks and capsules that will boost the performance of your brain and enhance the functionality of your mind. Some of the substances used in preparing their products are piracetam, magnesium, tyrosine, CDP-choline, carnitine, oxiracetam, and natural flavours.

Alpha Brain

This nootropic is used to improve memory, boost concentration and focus, and increase energy. In the United States, the alpha brain is one of the best nootropic supplements preferred by beginners and intermediate users of cognitive enhancement drugs.  It is developed and prepared by a firm called Onnit.  Alpha brain is a collection of different supplements. It is also made up of Alpha GPC containing Vinpocetine and choline that has the potential of increasing the flow of blood to your brain; and Huperzine A that prevents acetylcholine from breaking down.