Rockabilly Dresses


Every human has a unique identity. Clothes and dressing style enhance our unique personality. How we dress up and carry ourselves says a lot about us. We are all trying to differentiate ourselves from others and we use our dressing style to help us with this. This is where Punkabilly clothing comes in. Punkabilly manufactures punk, retro, vintage, pin up dresses and accessories. They have a wide range of pin up and clothes inspired by the 50s. These clothes are designed with the modern day fashion trends in mind and so the clothes are a rare combination of modern fashion and vintage style. With their exquisite range of products for men, women and infants it gives us an opportunity to make a unique style statement.

Brief Background about Rockabilly

One of the most popular sources of inspiration for the fashion world has been Musicians. Musicians, with their out of the box thinking regarding fashion have introduced new clothes, accessories and have also become style icons. Tom was one such person, who was passionate about punk, rock and rockabilly music and when he met Naomi an upcoming model in Japan, they decided to introduce their own unique range of fashion accessories and clothing. Tom was on a world tour which came to an end in Japan when he met Naomi. Tom’s ideas about rock and punk styles and Naomi’s creative fashion designing ideas gave birth to Punkabilly. Punkabilly set up its first store in Thailand in 2009. Then it expanded to various parts of the world. Today they supply clothing online in USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia and UK. Today they are the largest of pin up and rockabilly clothing in Asia.

Product Range of Punkabilly

It offers rockabilly 50s dresses, plus size dresses,

For Women: Vintage pin up girl clothing, pencil skirts, poodle skirts, costumes, lingerie, vintage bathing suits, leggings, T-shirts, punk handbags, body jewelry, hair accessories, etc.

For Men: Work shirts, jackets, T-shirts etc

For Infants: Vintage rockabilly baby clothes such as jackets, shirts, onesies and even bibs.

The best part about Punkabilly is that it has all these clothing available in a wide range of sizes. The sizes range from small to 4XL. Hence, they cater to a wide variety of clients.

Delivery of Goods

Punkabilly is today a worldwide online supplier of Rockabilly and vintage pin up clothes. They supply to retail and wholesale customers.

Goods can be shipped by, Air Mail, EMS and free worldwide shipping via Global mail. Shipping of orders is done 48 hours after completion of manufacturing the order.

For retail orders $100 and above delivery is free and for international customers there are shipping charges of $10 for the first order. Shipping rates vary according to location and weight of the package.

For Wholesale orders, stock orders can be placed for small to medium sized orders and minimum order has to be for $300. They also offer a discount for volume orders above $700.

In Production order, minimum order value should be $600. Production time may be 2-5 weeks depending on the size of the order. For production order minimum of 3 pieces per design, per size are required.

The main benefit of this type of ordering is that it allows the customer to select items which are out of stock and customers can also get sizes which are not available on the website. Punkabilly also allows its wholesale customers to sample the products.  But a minimum of three items need to be sampled at a time. There is no free shipping for wholesale orders.

Punkabilly, however, has no retail stores. Wholesale customers of Punkabilly distribute their products from stores in most major countries in the world.

Punkabilly offers its online customers easy exchange and return policies. For exchange or return the customer has to contact Punkabilly within 7 days from receipt of the product. The return is entertained only if the product is damaged of defective and exchange is allowed only if the size is not correct.

If you are looking for vintage clothes and accessories and pin up dresses , Punkabilly is the right place for you. They not only provide quality products at affordable prices but also offer to make personally designed clothes, where the customer has to give the design to Punkabilly and it will be made as per the customer’s design. Punkabilly also promises timely delivery in pristine condition.