Shape of Your Nose – What Does It Say about You


Although the scientific basis is a bit sketchy, humans – with all of our faults and insecurities – still rely on looks to judge a person’s personality. Whether you are dealing with the pseudo-science of Phrenology or ancient Chinese Face Reading, the importance of facial features remains with us.

No matter what your basis is, there are certain features that come across as more trustworthy, more intelligent and more beautiful. Eyes that are too close together are seen negatively, while widespread eyes are seen as trustworthy. A large, round nose is seen as evidence of dissipation, while a narrow, hawk like nose engenders enthusiasm. Each characteristic of our face is used as evidence of personality traits and although there is no proven scientific basis for these claims, they have become part of the human experience.

The nose knows

Our noses, sitting smack-dab in the middle of our faces, are one of the first things that people notice about us. The size, shape and curve give us sub-conscious cues on what the person is like. According to a study conducted by Professor Abraham Tamir of the Ben-Gurion University in Israel there are fourteen distinct shapes of noses and each of them give clues to how personality of the person is perceived by others.

The study was the first of its kind and it makes a number of intriguing observations:


  • Large nose

A nose that is too large for the face means ambition, confidence and self-reliance. Having a large nose is great if you want to be the boss.

  • Small nose

Small in both length and width, a person with a small nose is seen as kind, sweet and fun. They are considered creative and helpful. Having a small nose is an advantage if you want to be well-liked.

  • Long nose

People with long noses are seen as decisive and efficient. They are seen as being dynamic and intuitive with a gift for business and leadership.

  • Short nose

Short nosed people are seen to be sweet, kind and emotional. If you want to be seen as hardworking and loyal, having a short nose is perfect.


  • The Nubian nose

The most prominent feature of the Nubian nose is its length. It features a straight bridge and the wide point has a downward point. People with this nose are likeable, curious and optimistic.

  • The Greek nose

Named for the feature in ancient Greek art where most sculpture, mosaics and art had this shape of nose (no matter what the subject’s nose actually looked like) the Greek nose is narrow and straight. Most people who have this nose are practical, reserved and considered withdrawn.

  • The hooknose

This nose shape resembles a bird’s beak. The curve is pronounced all the way to the tip which tends to be rounded. People with this nose shape tend to be creative and passionate risk-takers.

  • The arched nose

Similar to a hooknose, the arched nose features a more pointed tip. People with this nose shape are more determined and good at organization.

  • The button nose

The button nose is – obviously – very short and small. People with button noses are spontaneous and strong-minded.

  • The concave nose

The concave nose has a small arch which makes the nose look smaller than normal. People who have concave noses are generous and helpful but they have a sensible side.

  • The straight nose

This nose shape is straight and flat with wide nostrils and a round tip. People with straight noses are temperamental with strong character and little patience.

  • The crooked nose

A crooked nose means that the bridge of the nose is prominent while the tip is round. Although it doesn’t sound attractive, people with crooked noses are very loving, good listeners and very earthy.

The first four attributes concern the size of the nose while the last eight deal with the shape. Combining the size from the first group with the shape from the second will give you an idea of how people see you. These attributes are assigned by observers looking at the shape of the nose. Not from observation of what the person with the nose is like. This detail means that if you want to, for example, appear spontaneous and fun you should have a small button nose.

Getting real

The results of the study can give people who are unhappy with their looks a focus on what to change or fix to be viewed as who they are. If you are contemplating having plastic surgery to change the shape of your nose, using this list as a guide to choosing the best shape for you is practical. To fix a problem that nature has gifted you with, Rhinoplasty Sydney experts take your personality into account when it comes to deciding what the perfect size and shape of nose you should have.

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure that is becoming more popular every year. Usually, it is an outpatient procedure and the patient goes home the same day the procedure is done. Although elective surgery may not be covered by your insurance, there are aspects of the surgery that fall under most policies.