Srebrenica Massacre Remembered 21 Years On


Today marks the 21st anniversary of the terrible event s that look place in Srebrenica when Serbian paramilitary units committed terrible atrocities against the local muslim inhabitants.. Today’s events will also include the burial of 127 victims.

Friends and family of the victims will descend on Potocari, a small Bosnian village to gather and pay tribute to the more than 8,000 victims who perished during the course of the Balkans conflict.

The head of the UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, Theodor Meron along with Camil Durakovic, the current mayor Srebrenica will join the proceedings.

1995 saw Ratko Mladic lead his Bosnian Serb forces to carry out mass-murder of Bosnian Muslim men and teenage boys in the area, resulting in the expulsion of more than 20,000 civilians from the region. The genocide persisted despite the presence of a UN led protection force and this attracted scathing criticism of the organization.

2015 saw the UK draft a resolution condemning the events of 1995 as “genocide”.

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