Target Rangers hitters in MLB DFS on Tuesday


Each day of the major league season, we’ll break down each game using proprietary player evaluation methods that incorporate all the pertinent matchup data, including home versus away, righty-lefty splits, park factors, stolen base efficiency, and umpire tendencies. We’ll then calculate the expected DraftKings and FanDuel points per player and compare that to his salary to determine where you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

The associated analysis will discuss whether the player is best suited for a cash game, guaranteed prize pool (GPP) game or both. Generally speaking, steadier performers are more desirable for cash games, while the more volatile players should be used in tournament play.

Tips will be given for the entire day’s slate. On some days, there are several slates. You’ll often be able to cull ample recommendations from the full-game slate, but when you need a little help, hit me up on Twitter: @DerekCarty.

Tips of this nature often tilt toward cash-game plays. Therefore, for those looking for an edge in GPP tourneys, we’ll offer our GPP tip of the day, examples of which could include a hidden lineup stack or a player facing a battery that’s very easy to run on.

While these tip sheets represent a great foundation for the day’s DFS research, keep in mind that situations can change on a dime as managers fill out their lineup cards differently than expected, weather moves in, and situations develop. Keep an eye out for my X-Factors column in the hour or two before game time most days for last-minute lineup-setting advice.


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