Want to boost brain power: Try these 6 foods to supercharge your memory


Consuming foods that will provide your brain more memory power does not mean that you will become a lot more intelligent. This is not about that. These foods make your brain healthier and take it to a higher level when it comes to performance. Here are six of the best foods for your brain.

Brain berries

Brain berries are probably something you have never heard of. This is the pseudo-name of blueberries because of the great effect it has on the brain. The main thing about blueberries is that they have very high contents of antioxidants. Their main objective is to squash and eliminates excessive amounts of free radicals which may hasten the aging process. Aside from that, experts have shown that blueberries can help people learn more and operate their motor skills in a better manner. That means this food has great benefits for mental health.

Fatty fish & eggs

Fish always makes it to the list of the best brain foods and for good reason. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are produced because of the protein content found in fish. Then there is vitamin B12 which promotes a healthy brain and a smooth working nervous system.

Despite all these good things, it is the Omega-3 fatty acid content that is the most important nutrient that will benefit the brain. These are important structural elements that partly make up the membranes of the brain.

Eggs are another good source of protein, Vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids pretty much like fish. Tryptophan is highly found in eggs. This is the amino acid that serves as the foundation of serotonin, the happy hormone.

Eating eggs provides you the amount that you need to get Choline, a neurotransmitter that promotes faster learning and better memory. Choline also causes the better flow of blood to the brain which in turn allows it to use glucose, which serves as the motor oil of the brain.


Broccoli is one of the best foods that you can feed your brain because of the high Vitamin K content it has. This vitamin helps prevent calcification. This is where a person experiences brain blood vessels that stiffen. An interesting fact about the vitamin is that those who suffer from Alzheimer’s diseases is the lack of it.

Another benefit that the brain can experience is better healing. This is due to the presence of sulforaphane which is released when a person bites into a piece of broccoli. This element protects blood vessels from getting damaged after it experiences some trauma.

These are just some of the reasons why Broccoli is one of the best foods to charge your memory.


Avocados, according to Nutrisystem reviews, are at par with blueberries in promoting better health for the brain. It has great quantities of monosaturated fats which facilitate better blood flow all over the body. The better the blood flow to the brain, the healthier it becomes because it has a consistent supply of blood oxygen. The brains’ cognitive abilities are linked to hypertension. Avocados help lower blood pressure levels which allow the brain to perform cognitive tasks.


Walnuts are at the top of the heap when it comes to nuts that benefit the brain. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins, and protein to supercharge your memory.

It is full of alpha-linolenic acid which is the land version of omega-3. In fact, these are the only nuts that have significant amounts of it. It also helps boost the mood of a person by imparting serotonin.

Fermented foods

There should always be a good balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines. This is something you can do by partaking of fermented foods in your daily diet. Miso, taro, kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt are very good for promoting this kind of balance and in effect, more memory power.

These foods will promote good amounts of good bacteria to balance the bad ones. The effect of this equilibrium is overall good health. Prebiotic foods, those hard to digest, when these are fermented and preserved, serve as the breeding ground of good bacteria.

The best foods for this purpose are tomatoes, onions, mustard greens, lentils, jicama, garlic, leeks, chicory, barley, bananas, bamboo shoots, Jerusalem artichokes, and asparagus, nootropics.

When a person consumes any of these in fermented form, the brain tends to relax and have that refreshed feeling.