Ways of Dealing with Back Pain

One of the most common health issues of this era is definitely back pain. More and more people are spending countless hours working from a sitting position, and this can have quite an effect on the back.

We went through some of the most common causes of back pain, and through some of the strategies you may apply when dealing with back pain.


Some of the key factors for back pain are sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, obesity, stress, poor physical conditioning and various internal diseases such as kidney stones, blood clots or osteoporosis, which influences the bone structure directly.

With sedentary lifestyle taking most of our day, it’s no wonder that back pain has become such a common health issue. Imbalanced distribution of weight and force throughout your body when sitting is the major factor responsible for lower back pain. Even if you exercise regularly and take care of your body, sitting for long periods of time is a risk factor for itself.

Recent studies have shown that back pain can be associated with psychological and emotional issues. People with lesser psychological test scores have shown almost four times higher likeliness to report back pain issues. There are a number of various mind-body techniques that can help with these situations.

There are also problems with conventional medical services. Quite a number of health workers jump to the opportunity to prescribe medications. This can be problematic because there are a lot of serious side effects these medications can cause. Always try to leave painkillers and medications as a last resort, when nothing else helped, and only with strict medical supervision.


Like with any other health issues, best way to stop the pain is to try preventing it. There are some techniques that may come in handy, and which should be taken in consideration if you have problems with back pain.

  • Before any serious physical activity – always stretch. Following the specific stretching program you prepare your muscle groups for physical activity, you lower the risks of muscle injuries, and it helps your back with flexibility.
  • Try to avoid slouching and lazy postures. It doesn’t look nice, and it can form a bad habit of staying in such a position, which can later on cause back pain and posture problems.
  • Get a proper chair. If you are already sitting most of your days, you should get a good chair, with strong lumbar support. Also, you can try to suck in your stomach and rotate your pelvis up, while your head is kept back, ears over your shoulders. This small exercise helps with spine alignment.
  • You need to wear comfortable shoes, with low heels. High heels can cause a number of problems, from bad blood coagulation and circulation. Even though high heels are part of everyday life for many, you should try to avoid them.
  • Drinking a lot of water raises the height of intervertebral disks. This helps you feel less stiff. Also smoking and vitamin D deficiency are also triggers for back pain


Suffering from chronic back pain can be quite an issue. Very high percentage of sick leaves is based around back pain, but there are some techniques you can try out.

  • Sit less. We’ve already mentioned how sitting affects back pain. Usually, when you’re suffering from chronic back pain it can start to manifest after walking or standing for more than half an hour. Try avoiding sitting as much as you can by setting standing desks, higher working surfaces and similar adjustments. It takes some time for your body to acclimate to these changes, but after a short period of time, you should start to notice the difference, and your back pain should go away once your back muscle structure has gained strength.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise helps make your spine muscles stronger, which reduces your back pain. There are a number of great exercises aimed specifically at the lower back problems. Swimming and aerobic exercises are very good for lower back muscles. Yoga is also amazing when it comes to dealing with back problems, and there are several training programs with different approaches, meant to relieve your back pain. You can consult your gym instructor or a specialist to recommend the specific set of exercises for your specific back problem.
  • Breathe properly. Even something as basic as breathing can help you deal with your back pain. There are some great breathing exercises you can try at home or even at work, which aim to improve your blood circulation and remove your back pain in the process.
  • Consult professionals. Canning Chiropractor Perth experts say that they have encountered countless situations which could have been easily avoided if professional helped was asked for. Improper treatment, neglect, wrong advices can all make your back issue become a serious health problem.
  • A number of back problems can be solved by simply walking more. Get your body used to walking and moving, it will make your muscles stronger, and it will reduce the pain.


All of these techniques are tested and have proven to be quite successful when dealing with back pain. However, it’s always smart to contact professionals for a concrete and certain assessment. When properly addressed, even the most problematic chronic back pain can become thing of a past.