WOW Studying Habits That Will Get You Closer to Result


Have you ever wondered why in your group of friends, you may study the same way but still end up with different grades? It often leads to the question, am I doing something wrong? What is different between us?

That’s the norm of life. What works for your pals may not work for you altogether, no matter how many times you try to be like them. The education system is meant to impact our mind with knowledge of different concepts.

If you have to come up with professional writing Ph.D. research proposal  or sit an exam, you are expected to apply the knowledge you have. If you cannot seem to get a high score no matter how many times you copy the study habits of a top student, you should try to apply the following tips:

  • Know your learning style

We grasp concepts differently. There are those who look at a visual concept and its engraved in their memory. Some learn by being physical, in that they have to have a solid reading material. Others need to have some noise in the background to fully grasp a concept.

By now you probably know what works for you. Do you prefer to study in a solitary location or do you enjoy the company of study buddies? Once you know your style of learning, you will be able to determine, how, where and when to study.

  • Learn to Take Notes

Taking notes of the lecture will help you to memorize and refer back to the important points in a lecture. Say, it is a presentation on human resources management research topics, the style you adopt for taking notes will depend on your learning style. A visual learner may need to take notes in the form of diagrams.

On the other hand, a verbal learner can jot down the notes as the lecture progresses. You do not have to write down every single thing that the lecturer says. Focus mainly on those points that are repeated; it could be that they will be tested in the exam.

  • Have a Study Routine

Some people cram for the exam on the d-day and can remember every little detail that they went through. If you aren’t among them, which many of us fall, you should build yourself a study routine and stick to it. Schedule time to study on a daily basis even if there are no exams around the corner.

Remember to be consistent with the routine while allowing for flexibility. You already know this, I can bet, sometimes things come up when we are least prepared and need our attention. If such happens, work your study time around that.

  • Set Goals

It is not enough to purpose to study without having goals that you need to reach. Just as you would plan, a reference list maker set goals for your study and outline them in steps. Have deadlines at which you need to have achieved a particular goal.

Goals will keep you motivated and focused. It will help you determine the areas that you need to improve on or change. Maybe you need to cut down on your social engagements, or you need to put in more hours in a particular subject.

  • Start the day with the tough tasks

It is easy to choose to start with simple tasks. Say, you have a difficult time grasping some mathematical concepts and have an essay writing practice session. Since you love writing, you choose to start with it.

Yes, you will feel good and inspired as you work. However, once you finish and start on the mathematics, you will be stuck and likely to give up on reading about the concept. When you are energized, start with the difficult tasks first.

  • Review Your Notes

You will need to go over your notes time and time again to cement it in your brain. Having good records is the first step as you can only review something that you can understand. Go over them on a regular basis. Before or even after a new lesson begins to jog your memory and help you understand better.

  • Get enough Sleep

Having an adequate sleep is essential to your studies as it is to your overall health. When exams approach, many students go into panic mode. It becomes routine to pull all nighters or have a few hours of sleep.

However, you need to have enough rest for your body and mind to function at its optimal level, the coming day. Get enough rest and set time release your stresses as you prepare for another day.


While we all learn at different rates and styles, adopting a healthy study habit will ensure you stay among the top performers.